Wondering how to clear cache on Instagram? Here is your answer.


Your device might have some cached data stored. All devices do! It makes switching between the apps and running them concurrently easy.

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A cache is also responsible for consuming less than the usual data on your device.

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But it also makes your device slower. That is why it is essential to get rid of the cache.

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If you wish to clear your Instagram Cache, you can do it easily, regardless of your phone type.

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To do it, you must visit the Instagram app and go to ‘settings.’

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Now, you can tap on ‘security.’

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You can now choose the ‘clear history’ or the ‘clear search history’ option.

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Finally, one needs to tap on the ‘clear all’ option.

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Once this gets done, your Instagram will be cache-free.

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These simple steps will help you clear your cache data and provide additional space in your phone.

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