What does WYS mean? Everything you need to know!

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WYS has regular use in various conversations over the internet.

It can mean different things, depending upon the conversation in which you are involved.

Usually, WYS stands for ‘what you saying?’

When people ask you WYS, they mean to ask you about the meaning of the thing you just said.

Other than this, WYS is sometimes used to affirm what you say.

For instance, if someone asks you about your dinner plan and you tell them that you’ll see them in the evening, they might reply to you with WYS.

In this case, WYS stands for ‘whatever you say.’

‘Whatever you say’ is an affirmation that they agree with your plans or whatever thing you say.

Internet slang is common across various online social networks. For instance, you might find people using it on Tik Tok, Instagram, etc.

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