What does IMY mean? Let’s find out!

We have received a text telling us IMY once in a lifetime.

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What does it mean? Are you curious? You might have received a couple of messages telling you the same.

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Well, IMY stands for I miss you. It is a common internet slang that people use.

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IMY is the most informal way of telling someone that you miss them.

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It is the best way for people who do not want to say it clearly to another person.

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IMY is just a low-key way of telling them that you miss them.

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You could also use this internet slang if you are in a hurry and can’t make time to write the whole message.

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So, the next time you see an ‘IMY’ text on your mobile, you can smile without a second thought!

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It is a clear indication that someone very close to you misses you!

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You could even send this message to someone to make them feel special!

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