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What does cherry chapstick mean in Katy Perry’s ‘I Kissed a Girl?’

by abhishek saini

‘I Kissed a Girl’ is one of the songs from Katy Perry’s 2008 album.

Source - Apple Music

Cherry Chapstick in that song simply means a cherry lip balm.

Source - Disttractify

However, the makers have censored this line, making people wonder what’s wrong with a decent term like that.

Source - Harper's Bazaar

So, when people raised questions for this, it was later revealed that it is just another euphemism for women’s intimate area.

Source - Bustle

People believe that this phrase points out stereotypes.

Source - The Guardian

Some competitive singers also called it an offensive gay culture.

Source - The Guardian

Whatever the feedback, Katy Perry’s song turned out to be an amazing hit of all times.

Source - Showbiz Cheat Sheet

Even if it was controversial, it made it to the top of Billboard hits.

Source - Billboard

Katy Perry never stops to amaze the listeners of her music with her amazing lyrics.

Source - PopCrush

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