What do Women Want from a Man? What do They Really Desire?

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Women are mysterious, which is why men have been asking what they want since the beginning of time. It may seem difficult to answer, but the answer could be right in front of our eyes.

Although no two women are exactly alike, we have compiled eight essential characteristics that all women desire in a man. If you want some tips, read on.


Although this seems obvious, you’d be amazed at how many men lose their cool when interacting with women. Women are looking for a confident man who can engage in a conversation and keeps them interested.


Attraction is what women love about a man, and it’s not about your appearance or finances. A woman’s emotional and sexual attraction for you will determine how much she will feel for you, making them want to invest in you.

Positive men

Women want a man who makes them feel happy and makes them smile. Making her smile is easy if you are positive and happy in your own life.

Charming men

No, you don’t need to be a smooth talker or a prince to be charming. While it is helpful, women still expect men to be pleasant and likable. You don’t need swag to be attractive but require originality and uniqueness.

Open and vulnerable

She will view you as someone who is comfortable with herself if you are open and vulnerable. You will feel more comfortable around her if you do this. You can also open your heart to her and make it feel more real.

Attractive men

Women love men who are self-sufficient and dress well. You don’t have to look like a star; just make sure you are clean and well-maintained.


Women are looking for a financially self-sufficient man who can exercise control over his emotions and thoughts. Women also desire stability in a relationship. You must be trustworthy, supportive, and predictable for your woman so that she can rely on you in times of need.


Every woman wants to know how much her man loves her. You can express your feelings about her through small or grand gestures daily.


Women want men who are able to take care of themselves, make decisions, live by their values and principles, and follow their passions and dreams. She will respect you as an individual if you can take care of yourself in all situations and pay your bills.

Someone who views them as equals

Women expect men to treat women as equals. Women want to be treated equally by a partner who doesn’t try to change or dominate them.

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