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Top 10 women’s small Bible verse tattoo ideas


“Earth is not my home” is a famous and meaningful verse from Bible. You can get it inked anywhere on your body.

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A Bible proverb is a perfect tattoo idea. You can pick any of your favorite proverbs and get it inked on your arm.

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For a small tattoo, ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do’ is also a great idea.

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‘Love in deed and in truth’ is another small tattoo idea.

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You can also get a psalm scripture tattoo on your back.

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The phrase, ‘refuse the world to corrupt you,’ is great for powerful women.

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Those looking for very small Bible quotes can go with, ‘later you will understand.’

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Go for an all-over Christianity tattoo on your arm!

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Other than this, you can also get a Roman 12:12 tattoo on your wrist.

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Finally, the best of all picks would be the ‘so have no fear, for I am with you’ tattoo.

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You can choose any one of these tattoos as they depict your faith in God.

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