By - Aazhar Rangrezz

How to Unclog the Toilet When Nothing Works

Tips & Advices

Hot water and dish soap

Hot water can come out as a saviour for plenty of things in your life. It might help you get rid of the clogged toilet too.

Using a Plunger For How to Unclog the Toilet When Nothing Works

A plunger is quite a workable device when it comes to eliminating the clog from your toilet. You can get started with the toilet unclogging by simply putting the plunger into the toilet.

Hiring a Plumber

If you do not wish to involve yourself with the clogged toilet, you can choose the easiest way to get out of the mess by contacting the plumber.

Drain Snake Process

Using a drain snake is one of the techniques. A drain toilet snake is nothing but just a log metal wire with a helical tip.

Get a Chemical Drain Cleaner

If you don’t get the results of using these tricks, go for the chemical use, which you can easily find next to your doorstep.

Choose Enzyme Products For How to Unclog the Toilet When Nothing Works

Enzyme products are waste removal products that will break down the waste products in the water and can free the flow of water, which will stop the toilet from clogging.

Using Baking Soda and Vinegar

Baking soda and vinegar come in handy solutions for several problems. They might even turn out to be the best solution for this.

What Causes Clogged Toilets?

It might be due to putting a lot of toilet paper into the toilet before flushing.

It becomes difficult to break down and pass through pipelines.

Sometimes, obstruction can cause clogging.

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