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How to say shut up in Spanish?

by abhishek saini

In Spanish, shut up translates into Callarse la Boca.

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The term ‘Callar’ means to shut up, or keep quiet.

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However, ‘Callate’ is the most common and standard way which many Spanish people use to shut someone up.

Source - Discover Discomfort

In the English language, shut up can sound rude. However, Callate does not always have to sound rude. It depends on your tone and how you say it.

Source - Wikihow

There is also one more way to tell someone to shut up in Spanish. You can tell them Cierra la Boca, which translates into ‘shut your mouth.’

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To make it sound more respectful, you can also use ‘Silencio.’ Silencio towards observing silence when you want them to keep quiet.

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Sometimes, you would want to go with the decent ways of making someone quiet. For that, you can tell them, ‘Guarda Silencio.’

Source - Mujereologia

To say shut up in a formal environment, you can use the Spanish word, ‘Chiton.’

Source - The Spanish Guide

So, you can choose one of the Spanish ways to shut people up depending on your mood.

Source - Wikihow

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