By - Azhar Rangrezz

How to ghost someone? Find out here!

Tips & Advice

Ghosting can be bad, especially when it leaves the other person with miserable feelings.

However, you might want to ghost someone or let go of them to keep your own peace of mind.

Ghosting means disappearing from someone’s life without giving them an explanation.

To ghost someone, you can cut them off from all your social networking sites.

Don’t make any commitments, share your personal information, or meet the person you wish to ghost.

Before you ghost someone, it is important to know that it can severely impact their mind.

Ghosting someone can leave them with misery, pain, and grief.

Therefore, you should look for alternatives instead of ghosting someone, as it can be difficult for them to cope with this.

How about being upfront with them about your feelings?

Indulge in a good communication with the person to help them cope up with this in a better way.

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