How To Cut A Dragon Fruit

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Cut In Half

CThe easiest way to go about with how to cut a dragon fruit is using a sharp chef knife on a cutting board to slice the fruit in half.

Step 2 - Remove The Skin (2 Ways

Method 1: Scoop It Out

Once you have split your dragon fruit into two halves, you can simply use a large spoon to scoop out the flesh onto the chopping board, just like an avocado.

Method 2: Peel The Skin

You can also peel the skin of the dragon fruit with your fingers and separate out the flesh from the skin.

Step 3 - Cut Into Smaller Pieces (3 Ways)

Method 1: Slices

Slice up your dragon fruit into wedges or thin slices and leave the skin on, like oranges or mangoes.

Method 2: Cubes

Cutting a dragon fruit into cubes is the perfect way to add it to any salads.

Method 3: Spheres

Mix in the dragon fruit to match the round melon scoops by using a melon baller.

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