By - Azhar Rangrezz

How Many People Should I Invite To My Wedding

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One of the most crucial questions is how many people should I invite to my wedding.

A First Cut List With Just Your Partner

One of the first steps on deciding how many people I should invite to my wedding is to sit down with your partner to start compiling the list.

Decide A Cut-Off Point – And Stick To It

A general rule of thumb is to include or exclude an entire generation within the family tree at once.

Dealing With The Extra Guest Count

By this business partners, best friends, and other important relations can all be taken into consideration without much chaos and drama.

The ‘Plus-One’ Etiquette

Wedding etiquettes direct you to set standards well ahead of time, and ensure the same applies to all guests equally.

Children At The Wedding

The decision of whether you prefer an adults-only reception is absolutely upto you and your partner, but the invitation should include the message clearly.

Some Obligatory Invites

While putting together your list of how many people should I invite to my wedding, there are some obligatory invites you should not miss.

Account For Fall-Offs And No-Shows

The rule of thumb says not to invite any more guests than your budget or seating capacity while finalising on how many people should I invite to my wedding.

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