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Wondering where to take your next trip? No place can be better than a lush green place, especially when you visit during the best time to visit Costa Rica.Taking a trip to this adventurous place will never bore you. After all, there are several fun things to do in Costa Rica.

The best part about having fun here is that the memories of this trip will last with you for a lifetime. So, why the wait? Look for Costa Rica flight tickets as we tell you more about this place and help you sort your plans for the best things to do in Costa Rica.

Let us first begin with a small piece of information about this Central American state you are about to visit

Where is Costa Rica ?

Before you find out about Costa Rica best time to visit, you should know about its location. Costa Rica is a central American country whose coastline borders the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean.

How to Reach Costa Rica ?

Reaching Costa Rica isn’t much of a big deal. You only need to find a direct or connecting flight to Juan Santamaría International Airport. If you are traveling from the United States of America, you can always find a train route leading you up to the destination.

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica ?

Anytime between December to April would make the best time to visit Costa Rica. During these months, the weather in Costa Rica is the brightest and driest. Taking a trip to this place between May to June is also a good idea. During this season, Costa Rica will welcome you with its lush green environment.

Things to Do in Costa Rica

Before you plan these top things to do in Costa Rica, we suggest you always keep an umbrella or a raincoat handy. Since it is a tropical country, you can expect the rain to pour at any time without any advisory.

1.Caribbean Coast

One thing you cannot skip from your Costa Rica adventure is visiting the Caribbean Coast. Of course, this place is for those having an unquenched thirst to lay in nature’s laps. The wildlife and the scenic beauty of the Caribbean Coast will leave you in awe. If you are an animal lover, Puerto Viejo is a place you will love on the Caribbean Coast.

2.Cloud Forest

One cannot do too much to appreciate nature’s beauty. However, you can regard nature by exploring the places and making the most out of it. The Cloud Forest in Costa Rica is one such place that brings you rich greenery. Apparent to its name, you will find this forest covered with clouds most of the time.

3.San Jose, the Capital City

San Jose is the cultural definition of Costa Rica, which is why it is also the capital city. If you wish to take some memories home, you will find plenty of shopping avenues. Also, don’t forget to taste the culinary mastery at the restaurants and dining places in San Jose.

4.Arenal Volcano Area

Costa Rica is not devoid of landmark places that are also natural marvels in themselves. Visiting the Arenal Volcano Area will bring forth a lot of adventure and a package of the most fun things to do in Costa Rica.This volcano is in the central/ northern part of the country at the height of 1,633 meters.

5.Pacific Coast

Most people like to head to the Pacific Coast in Costa Rica because of its mesmerizing beauty. In fact, a lot of travelers plan to spend their Costa Rica Vacations near the Pacific Coast. It offers you the best beaches and a chance to indulge in quality water sports.

Final Verdict

We hope that this list of all the things to do in Costa Rica during the best time to visit Costa Rica will help you make the best memories of your life.The rich green jungles and cultural heritage of Costa Rica will offer you the best of everything. So, if you are looking forward to the Costa Rica trip, don’t think twice! Book your tickets and get on that plane to this place filled with nature’s love.

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