Are There Snakes in Hawaii? Find Out!

The islands of Hawaii, located in the Pacific Ocean, are home to a wide range of wildlife. A diverse range of marine and terrestrial mammals and birds live in America’s 50th State.

Hawaii is home to a very delicate ecosystem, and it’s feared that the introduction of snakes could devastate the region’s natural environment. 

Conservationists and border patrols have taken great measures to prevent serpents from getting a foothold in Hawaii.

Ball python

The ball python, a snake that is native to Central and Western Africa, is another common pet snake, especially on the US mainland.


Garter snake

North America is home to the garter snake. Although they are venomous, they are considered to be almost harmless to humans. Garter snake venom is weak and can only cause minor injuries; their bites can cause swelling and pain.


Southern black racer

The southern black racer is known for its speed and ability to eat anything it can catch and kill. And it would undoubtedly have a great time in Hawaii’s natural environment.


Boa constrictor

A five-foot-long boa constrictor was discovered in Kunia, on the island of Oahu, in March 2019. How the snake got to Hawaii is a mystery, though it’s not the only boa constrictor to have made its way to the island. 


The yellow-bellied sea serpent

The yellow-bellied sea serpent is the only snake that can be considered a full-time resident of Hawaii or the surrounding waters. 


Brahminy blind snake

One of two known snakes that live in Hawaii is the brahminy blind. It was originally found in Africa and Asia but has since colonized large areas of the world.


Brown tree snakes

It isn’t native to Hawaii, and it is believed there are zero brown tree snakes on the islands. The potential damage to Hawaii if the brown tree snake makes it its home is huge, so conservationists and Hawaiian authorities do everything they can to keep it away from the land.


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