9 Adorable Signs which Indicate Your Dog is REALLY in Love with You!

Your dog welcomes you at the door

A dog’s tail is used to convey a variety of emotions. However, a smiling face and a friendly wag are an indication that your dog is happy and relaxed you’re there.

Your dog looks at you with relaxed “soft” eyes

Our dogs undoubtedly look to us for help making things happen, like dinners, outings, and playing sessions. But a recent study found that our dogs make eye contact with us for more than just social cues.

Your puppy loves to snuggle with you

This is a natural and straightforward sign of love because it’s without motive apart from the joy of being with your loved ones

Your pet likes to be near you

Perhaps your dog is in the same room with you and is doing nothing but sleeping in a slumber. The choice of the bed that is closest to you suggests they are keen to be around you.

Your pet takes toys to you wherever you are and attempts to join you in a fun session

Licking you

Dogs picked up this gesture of love from their ancestor, the wolf. Wolf pups will lick their mom’s face to tell her they’re hungry. The dogs we have come to know and love today employ this behavior to show their owner that they appreciate them and do not pose a threat.

They follow you around

Wolf pack members and modern-day dogs are no different. If your pup is always underfoot, it does not mean they are trying to trip you

Leaning or sitting on your Lap

A dog curled up on your lap is an obvious symbol of affection and love, as is any effort your dog puts into reaching out to you. When your dog leans on your leg or places themselves against your shoulder, remember that they are a cherished pet.


Dogs are a lot of fun, and this is one reason why we love having time together. Fetch and chase, as well as games of wrestling, show affection for your dog and is their method of building bonds with their loved one.

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