12 Modern Sliding Gate Design Ideas:

Sliding Gates have become popular worldwide because they are easy to operate and install and very convenient to operate.

The basic purpose of any gate is security, style, and safety, and sliding gates fulfill all these parameters, making them the perfect choice for your house.

Sliding gates are pretty self-explanatory, and when opening or closing, they will slide side to side.

What are Sliding Gates?

When installing driveway gates that slide, there is the choice of the gate being split in the middle and both parts moving in opposing directions, or they can all slide in the same direction.

How do Sliding Gates Work?

Sliding gates move across a driveway opening into a space to the side of one gate post that is both in line with the opening and longer than the gate itself.

It is most often a single leaf, with wheels beneath its base that runs on a track across the driveway entrance.

Sliding gates are moved by a motor to which a protruding toothed cog is attached.

This meshes with a rack mounted on the inside of the gate, opening or closing the gate as the motor rotates the cog.

Types of Sliding Gates

Tracked sliding gates slide along a fixed track, upon which the majority of the gate’s weight is carried on wheels.

Tracked Sliding Gate Design

Benefits of Tracked Sliding Gate Design

Space Efficient The main benefit of tracked sliding gates is that they’re efficient in space and can be used in areas with limited room beyond the gates.

More Maintenance They are simpler mechanically in comparison to cantilever gates. However, specifiers must consider that track-sliding gates require higher maintenance levels. To allow the gate to operate effectively, the track must be maintained, regularly cleaned, and kept free of debris.

Robust Design Tracked sliding gates provide excellent security since they are extremely difficult to open, and the weak points within their framework are extremely difficult to reach.

Cantilever Sliding Gate Design

A sliding cantilever gate is counterbalanced and doesn’t require a track across the opening. This kind of gate is based on post-mounted rollers that slide on the form of a tubular track that is attached to the lower part of the gate.

Benefits of Cantilever Sliding Gate Design

Quicker To Install They take less time to set up because no foundation work is required to build the track.

Less Maintenance They also require less maintenance because there is no requirement to keep the space under the gate free of any debris. They are generally cheaper than track sliding gates and have a quieter operation.

Ideal for Uneven Ground Because there aren’t tracks in the ground, cantilever gates are great in areas where the gates are positioned on uneven ground or in areas where there is an upward slope towards the gate’s opening.

Telescopic Sliding Gate Design

Telescopic sliding gate systems are the ideal solution for wide opening areas with little or no run-back in a single-sided sliding arrangement to set up the traditional sliding gates.

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