11 Fun things to do in Leeds to make great memories

By - Abhishek Saini

1. Roundhay Park

Within the cities of England, Roundhay Park is the best place to start exploring the vibrant and beautiful greenery of Leeds.

Source - The hoot

2. The Royal Armouries

A fan of studying history or not, you’ll find The Royal Armouries a fascinating place.

Source - Royal Armouries

3. The Grand Theatre

The main site for major Yorkshire productions, Grand Theater offers a ton of fun things to do in Leeds.

Source - Leedsheritagetheatre.com

4. Town Hall Tavern

Town Hall Tavern is rated as the best tavern in Yorkshire.

Source - Facebook

5. Junkyard Golf

Want to challenge your friends to a game night? Not a better place than Junkyard Golf to start the experience with.

Source - yorkshire Evening post

6. Leeds City Museum

Leeds City Museum is a perfect place for you to bring your children to.

Source - Tales of a Backpacker

7. Yeadon Tarn

If you’re finding a place to enjoy some water sports, Yeadon Tarn is the place you are looking for.

Source - Izzy Dabbles

8. Aire Street Darkroom

Now open to everyone, Aire Street Darkroom was established by a group of devoted film photographers

Source - Take it easy Filmlab

9. Kirkstall Abbey

Kirkstall Abbey is located on the leafy grounds and is popularly known as the complete medieval Cistercian hermitage in the UK today.

Source - Wiipedia

10. Trinity Shopping Centre

Every time a local or a tourist visits the Trinity Shopping Centre, it never fails to leave an impression on them.

Source - Selle

11. Hyde Park Picture House

It was built and opened in 1914.  When the world was focusing on wars, not many new buildings came to life except this one.

Source - TripAdvisor

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