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10 Sexy Thigh Tattoos For Women

by Abhishek Saini

1. Dragon Thigh Tattoo

A dragon tattoo, especially one of Chinese or Japanese design, looks great on your thigh.

Source - faymusyatts

2. Sunflower Thigh Tattoo

The New Year is a great time to get a tattoo featuring sunflowers because they symbolise optimism, good fortune, and health.

Source - tony.robert

3. Butterfly Thigh Tattoo

The butterfly is one of the most popular tattoos for women. It symbolises transformation and new beginnings.

Source - studiosyxtattoos

4. Tiger Thigh Tattoo

A tiger tattoo can be a powerful, passionate, and strong choice for a fiery woman who loves to lead.

Source - nolijinks

5. Bow Tattoo on Thigh

Matching bows on the backs of the thighs is a popular trend in tattoo design. Bows and ribbons were traditional accessories for women.

Source -

6. Henna Thigh Tattoo

You should consult a henna expert before you ink your thigh tattoo.

Source - bytheseaartist

7. Thigh Tattoos Quotes

A quote tattoo can inspire or provide comfort. A quote tattoo can be a powerful way to express your thoughts and feelings.

Source - My Tattoo Meanings

8. Snake Thigh Tattoo

One of the most common thigh tattoo designs is for women, with snakes being one of the most loved ones.

Source -

9. Flower Thigh Tattoo

Because of its versatility, the thigh is one attractive place for body art. You can easily cover the thigh with designs that you like.

Source - hairblannymarie__arebunch

10. Mandala Thigh Tattoo

Mandala, an ancient Buddhist symbol representing divine harmony, is a mandala.

Source - studiosyxtattoos

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