10 Low Maintenance Weave Hairstyles

By - Abhishek Saini


1. Mohawk

One more idea for low maintenance weave hairstyles is the mohawk hairstyle.

Source - jollychandasatinrose

2. Bowl Cut

We think that bowl cut is an amazing variation amongst all low maintenance weave hairstyles.

Source - alegingerale

3. Foxy and Feathered

The foxy and feathered low maintenance weave hairstyles will give your hair an appearance of layers.

Source - ariithediva

4. Ponytails

If you think ponytails do not belong to some of the best low maintenance weave hairstyles, you are absolutely wrong.

Source - tailsbyasia

5. Side Swept

If you are looking for a low-key hairstyle, you can go with side swept low maintenance weave hairstyle

Source - victorkeyrouz

6. Peekaboo

Peekaboo is the best low maintenance  weave hairstyles to breathe new life into your lifeless hair.

Source - makawehairandbeauty

7. Layered short Hairs

To have a more distinguished look, you can opt for layered low maintenance weave hairstyles.

Source - shorthaircutcom

8. Pixie

Pixie low maintenance weave hairstyles are ideal for you if you are a busy girl with a hectic schedule.

Source - blond.pixie

9. Tapered

A  tapered wig with feathery bangs will give you a daring look.

Source - mercia945

10. Finger Curls

Finger curls are a perfect way to showcase your inner love for the 1920s era.

Source - iamkatelynnmorris

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