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10 Lily of the Valley Tattoos Ideas

by Abhishek saini

1. Traditional Tattoo

The traditional tattoo carries the colors white and green in it.

2. Colorful Lily of the Valley Tattoo

You can also add other flowers to elevate the design of your tattoo.

Source -  thirteenrosestattoo

3. Shoulder Tattoo

The minimalist lily of the valley tattoo is perfect for getting on your shoulder.

Source -  jamie_meile_photography

4. Extended Minimalist Lily of the Valley Tattoo on hand

5. Small Tattoo on the Back

Source -  yulright_tattoo

We suggest you get a smaller tattoo as it will look aesthetic.

6. Tattoo on Leg

Source -  britainitattoo

Your legs are also a perfect place for getting the minimalist lily of the valley tattoo.

7. Flower in Bottle Tattoo

Getting only a floral tattoo would seem boring to anyone. So, why not try these flowers in a bottle tattoo design?

8. Lilies Accompanying Butterfly Tattoo

Source -  stephen_doyle_tattoo

Another perfect idea for your tattoo would be to get some lilies and a butterfly accompanying those flowers.

9. Wolf Tattoo With Flowers

You can opt to get a tattoo that makes the wolf eventually blossom into a flower.

10. Minimalist lily of the valley tattoo

Source -  kenzie_the_barbarian

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