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10 Best Places to Visit in Lonavala

Karla Caves

The Karla Caves, one of the most visited places, are the oldest Buddhist caves ever discovered. This ancient cave has several sections as galleries and monasteries.

#2 Lohagad Fort

Built by the Maratha Empire, this fort has preserved its glory and antiquity. The stories of the country’s heroes, even today, seem to be singing with every particle of this fort. Lohagad Fort emerged as a force of the Maratha Army during the British era.

#3 Rajmachi Fort

This historical fort, adorned on the Sahyadri mountain range, is famous for its architecture and delicate carvings. Rajmachi fort is surrounded by dense beauty from all sides.

#4 Shrivardhan Fort

Shrivardhan Fort, one of the two beautiful mountain ranges of the Rajmachi fort, may have been the control home of the Maratha dynasty.

#5 Lonavala Lake

After going to Lonavala, returning without seeing Lonavala Lake should be declared illegal. Amid nature, this lake draws tourists and wildlife and birds, giving the feeling of tranquility. This lake is also recognized for being photo-friendly.

#6 Pawna Lake

This lake was originated under the 1973 Pawna Dam project, which used to be an artificial lake. The view of the lake set amid lush greenery is stunning. If you visit Lonavala, it is unlikely that you will be able to ignore this marvel of nature.

#7 Magic Mountain

Here, you can feel like having fun in a theme park. For adults, it provides Top Spin, Giant Frisbee, Air Race, Jumping Star, Rush Hour, Water Mania to have fun, and for kids, Magic Bike, Sky Race, Demolition Derby are some major attractions in this amusement park.

#8 Kune Waterfall

It is a unique experience to witness the Kune waterfall leaping high from the middle of the dense and green hills. For the tourists, that’s why there are complete arrangements for water sports, such as rappelling, swimming, etc.

#9 Miniature World Museum

Miniature World Museum is one of the top-notch museums to captivate the minds of travelers of all ages with their artworks, a museum of many types of hand-made artificial models.

#10 Kaivalyadham Ashram

This ashram, which combines yoga and modern science, is without any question one of the best places in Lonavala. Many tourists must have come here only to visit, but after seeing the traditional values of this institute, they started developing an interest in accepting them by staying here.

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